At a state-of-the-art insurance research laboratory the United States, testing of fire suppression systems for various commodities required a specialized and controlled environment. An integral part of the testing process was a moveable platform that simulated various ceiling heights in a client’s factory or warehouse. Tests to determine how to best suppress a fire are conducted at this facility. When a product is ignited, the sprinkler system is activated and the lab is able to advise the client what the optimum height and number of sprinklers required to immediately extinguish a potential fire.

Handling Specialty designed, manufactured and installed the 80’x 80’ moveable ceiling for this unique testing facility. The platform travels vertically 50’; the top of the platform reaches 69’ in the air at its highest point of elevation.

The four mechanically-actuated ball screws measure 63’ in length and weigh approximately 2,300 lbs. each. They were thought to be the largest ball screws ever manufactured.



  • Used in fire suppression testing at insurance research laboratory    
  • Large ball screws weigh approx 2,300 lbs each      
  • Top of platform reaches 69’ at highest point of elevation


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